From the ashes of such Omaha bands as Ghosts of Ruin, Tyrants of Tomorrow, and Kakarot - Flourishing Illusions,

a progressive metal band, formed in Omaha, Nebraska, July of 2015.

  FI consisted of members Andy Bush (guitar), AJ Kershner (guitar), greg Foral (vocals), Ben Johnson (bass), and Bret Dahl (drums). After spending a year in writing, Andy and Ben parted ways due to creative differences.

Persistent and determined, the three-piece pushed on. After recording back tracks for live performances and cranking out a couple more tunes, they completed their set. Flourishing Illusions has been quickly catching the ears of the Omaha metal scene with their high energy sound, thought-provoking lyrics, and sometimes odd stage antics and humor.


"Idle Wandering," their first album, recorded with Off The Record, LLC (Omaha), is set to release June 3rd, 2017. Following the cd release, Flourishing Illusions plan to take on the road for a regional Midwest tour fall of 2017.

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New Single January 10th, 2019 "Blunt Force Trauma"
"Tree of Life"