Studio Gear


Apollo 16 (16 channels of IO)

Behringer x32 Compact w/stemming card (16 ins on location)

Behringer x18 digital console (16 ins, 6 out)

M-audio Profire 2626 (8 channels of IO)

Zoom H6 Portable high quality recording device (6 inputs)

Zoom H1 Lav mic pack (2 in)



Toft ATB24 Analogue Console

Behringer x32 Compact

Behringer XR18 Digital console

Behringer XR16 Digital Console

Yamaha MG10/2 (DJ services)


Studio Monitors

Yamaha Hs80M 8" W/ 10" powered M Audio sub

Adam Audio 5"

KRK Rokit 5"



Tube Condensers

(2) Avantone cv12



(2) Slate M2

(2) AKG c414XLii

Sennheiser e901 boundary

Aston Spirit

(2) Audix f15

Mxl 4000



(2) Royer R101



(2) Sennheiser MD421

Shure SM7b

(2) Shure SM57

(3) Blue Encore 200

(3) Shure SM58

Audix D6

(3) Audix F10

Audix F12



Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro

Beyer Dynamic DT 770 M

(2) EX-29 Extreme isloation

DIY Sony Extreme Isolation tracking phones 

AKG K240 MkII Semi Open Back

AKG K44 


Amp Heads

All Tube Guitar

Hughes and Kettner Statesman 50W 2 channel W/ Boost

Orange Dual Dark 25/50 Watt  

Vox vt20x


Digital Guitar/Bass

Kemper Profiler

Avid Eleven Rack


Solid State Bass

Behringer Ultrabass BX4500


Speaker Cabinets


Avatar Contemporary 412 W/ Celestion V30's and G12H30's

Avatar Vintage semi-open back 212 w/ Eminence Patriot and Wizard

Seismic Audio Cab with Peavey Sheffield speakers



Behringer 410 Bugera w/ bottom port


Guitars and Bass'

Ibanez Iron Label 7 String Six27FDBG

Schecter Diamond solo-6 standard

Fender Squier 5 string bass

Ibanez TR 4 string bass



Pdp Concept by DW 6 piece Maple Kit

Cannon Steel Snare

Yamaha Rock Tour Birch Snare

Zildjian ZBT 13" Hihat W/ DW 3000 stand

Zildjian A Custom 20th anniversary 21" Ride

Sabian B8 20" Ride

Agazarian 10" Splash

Pearl Strap Double Kick pedal


(4) par lights

Chauvet DJ Gigbar w/ stand

Strobe par

FX par



M Audio Axiom 49 Semi Weighted key Midi (with pads, nobs, and faders)

Traktor Kontrol S4 Dj system